Monique Hertel


Monique Hertel is a Consultant at C3 Nonprofit Consulting Group. She is a passionate and dedicated consulting professional leveraging nearly seven years in HR and Compensation across healthcare and manufacturing. With a keen understanding of organizational objectives and market best practices, her expertise blends creativity with data-driven strategies that align with business goals while fostering a culture of transparency and employee engagement. She is dedicated to ensuring fair and equitable pay practices that attract, retain, and motivate top talent.

Monique’s experience includes:

  • Performing thorough data analyses to inform on compensation design and implementation. 
  • Facilitating stakeholder interviews to support in decision-making around compensation philosophy and strategy
  • Researching market trends and informing clients on best practices to enhance workforce strategies and exceed organizational goals.
  • Performing market competitive analysis to determine client position against the market and advise on opportunities to better compete with competitors. 
  • Developing new pay structures to balance organizational compensation strategy and market trends.
  • Assisting with co-sourcing to support current compensation staff. 

Prior to joining C3, Monique held a consulting position at SullivanCotter, where she managed employee workforce compensation projects for the healthcare industry.

She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Georgia State University.