Investment Team Compensation

Compensation design for investment staff in the nonprofit sector requires expertise unlike any other. They are paid differently and more than other groups, and their pay programs tend to be under regular scrutiny.

Decades of experience and unparalleled expertise working with university endowments, foundations and other nonprofits allows us to employ cutting-edge strategies for turning investment performance into a workforce win. Every organization requires an approach that reflects their unique people, culture and mission. We'll help you define and design yours.

Key Services

  • Compensation Philosophy Validation and Development
  • Custom peer group development
  • Market research on prevailing practices
  • Salary structure development
  • Pay mix and leverage assessment
  • Incentive plan design, including eligibility, performance measurement, incentive opportunity, payout options, and plan terms and conditions
  • Payout determination and administration

Optimizing Investment Team Incentive Plans

C3 has much more to share on how your organization can get the most out of its investment team compensation program. Download our latest article for more information.

  • Consistency with compensation philosophy
  • Appropriate peer group for benchmarking compensation
  • Alignment with investment objectives
  • Performance context
  • Risk mitigation
  • Optics and disclosure
Successful<br>incentive</br>plan design<br>considers these<br>key factors:
plan design
considers these
key factors:
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