Workplace Equity

C3 is an unwavering advocate for the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. We believe all organizations should pay a thriving wage, demonstrate transparency and equity in pay, and create a workplace where representation, advancement and opportunity exist for everyone.

We study, design and ensure workplace equity in all its forms. We guide clients through the contextualization of study results, educate them on prevalent and best practices, and deliver change management and communication solutions. Our goal is for every client to be steadfast in the continuous evolution of their equity and inclusion efforts.

Key Services

  • Thriving wage design and implementation
  • Living Wage Testing, Assessment and Design
  • Pay equity testing, evaluation and remediation
  • Pay representation assessment and analysis
  • Advancement and development opportunity audit
  • Policies and practices assessment

The Difference Between Providing A Living and Thriving Wage

Providing a living wage in high cost of living areas often means paying above going market rates. However, a living wage simply means making enough to survive, and many employees will need to take on a second or third job to make ends meet.

C3 inspires nonprofits to consider the competitive advantage of providing a thriving wage, which accounts for things we need beyond what it takes to survive: having enough household income to save, pay down debt, afford higher education, occasional entertainment, or after-school programs for kids. Demonstrate your commitment to employee well-being and engagement by going beyond covering the basics of everyday life — housing, food, clothing — and supporting a heightened standard of living and a more comprehensive approach to total rewards.

Let us share our experience in how helping workers thrive can work for all.

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Our Mission

C3 exists to partner with the world’s most impactful organizations to navigate people and culture solutions. Learn more about our leadership, capabilities and unique commitment.