Pay Equity for Executives

By Nanci Hibschman, Amanda Wethington and Michael O'Malley


Foster a positive culture that is diverse, fair and inclusive

Many organizations do not conduct pay equity analyses among their executive leadership teams because they do not think it is possible:

“Too few people to analyze; the positions are ungraded; leaders operate across different functions.”

We are uniquely positioned to address your executive pay equity needs: Each of these supposed restrictions can be addressed via innovative methods developed exclusively by C3 Nonprofit Consulting Group. In fact, looking at pay equity for executives is perhaps the most straightforward of any pay equity analysis an organization can conduct

The reasons clients often partner with our team include:

  • We are highly invested in helping our clients create equitable workplaces
  • Our service-centric and collaborative approach ensures the right questions are asked and answered
  • We possess a deep understanding of the context and nature of jobs in health care, higher education and other not-for-profit organizations
  • Our advanced statistical methods enable us to perform a comprehensive analysis
  • We tie results to other DE&I initiatives within the organization such as recruitment, retention, performance, culture and more

Creating an equitable, diverse and inclusive culture starts at the top.

C3 can help to:

  • Examine pay practices within the executive ranks
  • Set market-competitive salaries
  • Introduce short- and long-term incentives consistent with organizational values
  • Evaluate hiring, promotional and retention policies
  • Assess spans of control and job leveling
  • Establish succession planning processes
  • Ensure the organization is dedicated to the fair treatment and well-being of the entire workforce
  • Conduct inclusion/effectiveness surveys to benchmark top management team practices