Executive Compensation

As the leading talent, compensation and governance advisor for the nonprofit sector, C3 partners with Boards and leadership to ensure executive compensation and rewards programs are optimized.

From analyzing industry best practices to designing innovative approaches to executive compensation, benefits and other rewards, our insights guide and support your efforts from recruitment to retention to beyond, propelling your mission forward.

Key Services

  • Executive Compensation Philosophy Validation and Development
  • Defensible peer group selection
  • Total compensation benchmarking of salary, bonuses/incentives, benefits and other rewards
  • Contract / employment agreement design and evaluation
  • Bonus / Incentive compensation design and evaluation
  • Executive retention strategies
  • Integrated total compensation program design
  • Reasonableness assessment and validation
  • CEO performance assessment design and administration
  • Regulatory compliance and governance support
  • Executive separation and exit design
  • Disclosure optimization

Peer Group Selection in Nonprofit Organizations

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Capabilities-Executive-icons-Talent-1b Capabilities-Executive-icons-Talent-1a
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C3 can be invaluable to you in crafting both an impactful and a defensible approach to executive compensation. We share a few of our insights in the download below.

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