James Ruiz

Senior Research Analyst

James Ruiz is a Senior Research Analyst with the C3 Nonprofit Consulting Group. He is a results-driven professional with extensive international experience in consulting, research design, workforce development and more.

James works with nonprofit organizations nationwide to deliver data-driven tools, solutions and insights designed to drive greater value, improve efficiency, and support the development of equitable workplace strategies.

His experience includes:

  • Creating, enhancing and utilizing various sources to help build and maintain critical practice datasets – ensuring ongoing access to timely, accurate, and relevant information.
  • Conducting critical market research and complex financial analysis to support client work, ongoing employee education, and consulting insights.
  • Leading the collection and analysis of proprietary surveys to enhance both client and practice knowledge of industry best practices, current trends, and emerging issues.
  • Working with management and executive stakeholders to understand and explain complex data/findings.
  • Overseeing custom survey design and methodologies to support unique client needs in an evolving marketplace

Prior to joining C3, James worked as a Senior Consultant and Research Manager at a management consultancy firm in Cologne, Germany. He has also held a number of research and HR consulting positions throughout greater London, UK.

James attended City University in London, UK where he earned a Master of Science in Social Research Methods and Statistics. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of New Mexico.