Andrea Assale


Andrea Assale is an Analyst at C3 Nonprofit Consulting Group.

With recent professional experience as a research specialist for a prominent US medical school, Andrea leverages her knowledge in statistical analysis, research design, and innovative survey systems such as Qualtrics to help support C3’s mission to provide clients with actionable, data-driven insights.

Andrea’s work with C3 includes:

  • Conducting statistical analyses of compensation data to determine competitive market rates.
  • Researching market practices on compensation and benefits programs, including annual incentive plans and retirement offerings.
  • Conducting compensation surveys and analyzing results while providing insight on areas of opportunity.
  • Assisting with reporting, assessments, and other resources to help clients manage their workforce.

Prior to joining C3, Andrea served as the Lead Research Specialist at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA where she was responsible for collecting data and measuring results from medical school participants, training new hires, leading participants through onboarding and study sessions, and more.

She is an active volunteer with the American Red Cross as a member of the Casework, Recovery and Sheltering department to help with the development of personalized recovery plans. She has also participated in a number of Disaster Action Team efforts.

Andrea received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.