Riana Lee


Riana Lee is an Analyst at the C3 Nonprofit Consulting Group with more than three years of experience working in data analytics and multidisciplinary engineering.

Riana’s experience includes:

  • Conducting statistical analyses of compensation data to determine competitive market rates.
  • Facilitating the development and implementation of various optimization strategies to drive process improvements and deliver actionable insights for business growth.
  • Researching, enhancing, and utilizing various sources to help build and maintain critical practice datasets – ensuring ongoing access to timely, accurate, and relevant information.
  • Working with management and executive stakeholders to understand and maximize both their current and future positions in different market sectors.

Riana attended the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering, Psychology, and Mathematics. Additionally, she intends to complete a Master of Science degree in Data Science and Analytics at the University of North Carolina.